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With climate change now a key issue at home and abroad, the Energy Sector Group has campaigned to ensure that the practice and principles of Just Transition are embedded in the official policy response. 

The idea of Just Transition arose from the global trade union movement and seeks to ensure that we “ the future and livelihoods of workers and their communities in the transition to a zero-carbon economy. It is based on social dialogue between workers and their unions, employers, government and communities.

“A plan for Just Transition provides and guarantees better and decent jobs, social protection, more training opportunities and greater job security for all workers affected by global warming and climate change policies.”

The ILO has also published essential guidelines on implementation of a Just Transition.

The Energy Group has published a report on Just Transition in Bord na Móna and will shortly publish a briefing setting out the key measures needed to deliver a genuine Just Transition across the economy and society.

The Energy Sector Group is also a founding member of the Just Transition Alliance. 

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