Two people race equality

Congress believes that everyone should work free from discrimination, including racism.

You can read our submission to the independent committee developing the next national action plan on racism and our views on the regularisation scheme for migrants.


Read our submission on employment to the Oireachtas Committee on Traveller issues.

Tackling the Far Right

Congress work in this area has three strands:

  1. Production of “Pro Mask / Pro Worker” campaign masks for distribution and an accompanying social media campaign in March 2021;
  2. Developing training for affiliates in order to develop capacity and knowledge for unions to respond to issues; We have developed a framework of proposed training which will include a ‘champions’ course for senior trade union activists and relevant trade union staff, which could be rolled out centrally and developing modules and material that could form a suite of resources for ICTU affiliates in their own trade union education and training courses.
  3. We also participated in international trade union discussions on tackling the far right, including Congress President, Gerry Murphy taking part in an ETUC leaders discussion on cross border trade union response to the far right; a series of ETUC hosted conversations in order to develop a roadmap to tackling the far right;