Conference room

Online - virtual NI BDC

This year, the overall theme of the Conference is No Going Back.



SESSION 1: 10.30AM – 11.45AM

Welcome from Belfast Trade Council

General Secretary’s address
Patricia King

Motions 1-5

  • ‘No Going Back' - Trade Unions Demand for A Rights Based Society
  • No Going Back
  • Automation
  • Changing the Rules to protect workers – Strong Unions, Strong Rights
  • Christmas and New Year Working

Video – NI Trade Union Movement

Address from NIC Chair
Gerry Murphy

Address from ICTU Vice President
Kevin Callinan



SESSION 2: 12 NOON – 1.15PM

Video ‘No Going Back’

Round table discussion – No Going Back
Chaired by G Murphy with

  • Paul Mac Flynn
  • Patricia McKeown
  • Paddy Mackel
  • Denise Walker

Motions 6-8

  • Brexit – work travel rights for creative industries professionals
  • Age Discrimination Legislation
  • Eradicate sexual harassment from workplaces



SESSION 3: 1.45PM – 2.45PM

Panel discussion – Just Transition
Chaired by Alison Millar with
  • Samantha Smith
  • John Barry
  • Richard Hardy

Assistant General Secretary ICTU address
Owen Reidy

Solidarity Greetings from:

WTUC General Secretary Shavanah Taj 
STUC Roz Foyer



SESSION 4: 3PM – 4.30PM

Motions 9-19
  • Just Transition
  • No privatisation of Housing
  • Covid Recovery and Rehabilitation
  • Oppose gold mining in the Sperrins
  • Freelancers in the Creative Industries & Pandemic Support
  • Exploitation of seafarers
  • Tuition Fees
  • Safer Working Environments
  • Parity for pharmacists in the Health Care Sector 
  • Caring for Carers
  • Better mental health resourcing, support and awareness.

Close of conference
Chairperson NIC ICTU
Gerry Murphy

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