Motion no: 36


Congress believes that austerity measures will damage the recovery and consign a generation of young people to the employment scrapheap. Congress maintains that the economy needs investment in jobs, not austerity. Congress restates its conviction that there is a credible economic alternative to cutting public services. Congress welcomes ICTU's continuing campaign to raise public awareness and to build public opposition to the current ideologically-driven agenda of savage cuts to our public services. Congress asserts that high quality education is the engine for economic recovery and sustained economic growth. Congress deplores rising levels of youth unemployment which risks creating a lost generation and which threatens to undermine social cohesion. Congress further maintains that investment in education and training must continue to be a priority. Congress is committed to campaigning with affiliates and other bodies to: Resist cuts to funding for education and training. Secure the much needed investment in school buildings to create learning environments fit for the 21st century. Extend the provision of education support services for children and young people and their families, particularly the most vulnerable. Ensure access to financial support and assistance for post-16 student Improve access to high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance. Establish an entitlement to access high quality vocational education and training for all 16-25 year olds. Congress further commits the Executive Council to host a summit on jobs and youth involving unions, student and other civil organisations, and to publish and promote a detailed youth employment strategy.