Motion no: 40

Waterford Council Trade Unions

Having regard to the ever increasing rise in levels of racism in Irish society, the emerging number of organisations and individuals spreading hate speech, the increasing attacks on individuals because of their skin colour or nationality and the arson attacks on proposed accommodation centres for asylum seekers and refugees etc., and being conscious of the detrimental effect of same on our movement, the Irish working class and society in general, Congress resolves to mount a vigorous anti- racism campaign to include:

  1. a)  Advertisements in newspapers and other media, on billboards, alongside press releases with a view to interviews on radio and TV talk shows.

  2. b)  A school and college campaign, possibly in conjunction with USI, utilising leaflets, brochures and posters etc.

  3. c)  A national Anti-Racism Conference.

  4. d)  A major national street protest march and rally this year alongside student organisations, anti-racism groups and political organisations with genuine anti- racism policies.