Motion no: 37

Waterford Council Trade Unions
Ruled Out of Order

Noting the hardship caused by the worsening of the housing crisis, the ICTU will initiate a campaign of industrial action at national level similar to the action taken in 2005 in support of workers at Irish Ferries, aimed at achieving:

  • the right to housing being enshrined in the constitution;

  • the declaration of a housing emergency;

  • an increase in the social housing stock by means of a major local authority-led public housing construction programme;

  • the development of a national land management policy that will end speculation and hoarding and ensure that public land is reserved for public housing;

  • action to ensure security of tenure and rent certainty for tenants; and

  • a halt to evictions into homelessness.

Proposer: Waterford Council of Trade Unions
Vote Result: Ruled Out of Order