Motion no: 41


Congress acknowledges the significant benefit of quality work for disabled people and recognises the valuable contribution that they make to the workplace.

Equality legislation requires employers to make reasonable adjustments or accommodations to enable employees with a disability to carry out their work on an equal footing with others.

A passport system would provide a confidential live record of those adjustments. The passport is for workers to keep and share with anyone they think may need to know about the barriers they face within or outside the workplace and the adjustments that have been agreed to prevent or reduce its impact in the workplace.

A passport system would ensure that everyone is clear about what has been agreed and reduce the need to reassess these each time an employee changes roles or has a change in line management.

  • We call on Congress to establish a model Reasonable Adjustments Passport Policy for use in workplaces and to campaign for the wide use of a passport system.

  • Provide training and education for reps on the benefits of the Passport System and equip them with the required tools to negotiate a workplace policy.

  • Seek to implement a passport system amongst all public sector employers and amongst affiliates as employers.